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DotArai Back Order Service

If you want to
  • get a domain name that has been registered but don't want to buy it from domain holder
  • want to register the domain after it expires and is deleted
but have no time to keep watching the expiry and deletion date of domain.

Let DotArai handles it for you:

  • DotArai will check the domain expire date and get the available date for the new registration
  • sends a registration request immediately when the domain name is opened for the new registration.

In general, domain name will be available around 30-80 days after the expire date (varies by the domain name Registrar). There may be many interested people submit the request when the domain is made available for the new registration; however, the first request will get the domain. With DotArai Back Order Service, DotArai's system will keep checking whether the domain is deleted and will submit the domain name registration request once it is available. Therefore, your chance of getting domain name is higher than the others. The service charge of Back Order is only 999 THB (7% Value Added Tax is included, excluding domain name registration fee).

Reasons to use DotArai Back Order Service

  • Easier and more convenience
  • Faster and more accurate with DotArai automated system
  • Save money as DotArai will charge the fee only if the registration is completed
  • 100% owner of domain name as DotArai is the ICANN Accredited Registrar

How to use DotArai Back Order Service

  1. Sign in at
  2. Select "Back Order Service"
  3. Specify the domain name that you would like to get via DotArai Back Order Service
  4. An email will be sent to you to confirm the service with the detail of the domain
  5. The process is started
  6. DotArai will inform you when the registration process is succeed
  7. Making payment for DotArai Back Order Service fee
  8. DotArai transfers the domain to your account



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