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DotArai Brokerage Services

If you are considering buying a premium, high-value or high-performance domain name let DotArai brokerage service provides its value.

DotArai as ICANN Accredited Registrar is ready to serve you as your representative to contact, negotiate and acquire the domain name from the domain name holder or the broker of the domain holder and transfer the domain name and rights over the domain name to you as the new domain name holder.

Steps of DotArai Brokerage Services

  1. Send the name of domain to DotArai via
  2. DotArai sends brokerage services agreement to the requested customer.
  3. The customer and DotArai sign the agreement.
  4. Domain Acquired process is started by DotArai.
  5. The customer make directly payment for domain name to the domain holder or the broker of the domain holder and pay the DotArai Brokerage Services fee to DotArai.
  6. The domain name will be transferred to customer's account hosted at DotArai.
  7. Customer can modify domain name's information via DotArai's domain name control panel.




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